Portfolio - 2008 - Pink

PINK: Cultures

Filament forms; bound, wrapped twigs – contained in smooth pigment – organic but factitious hybrids. The artificiality of the artists touch as natural objects are taken possession of devoured by repeated movements which hold them safe and secure and separated.

The suggestion is of genetically altered organism. Growths. Are they benign or malignant? Fragile and delicate, held together and protected from natural decay by the artists actions. Are they a natural growth or something from a Petri dish? Pink organic forms of strongly artificial pigments. The joints are reinforced and emphasised by different pigment.

Suspended in groups or clustered against a wall, they cast spidery shadows – looking as if they are about to crawl away.

Fleshy growths; samples stripped of bodily context. Their pinkness suggests bothflesh and femininity but with a sinister aspect while buds promise the potential for growth and development.

Obsessive activity – tiring but immensely satisfying.

Signifying the succulent bodily interior, sticky sweet and unavailable fetish. Connotating painterly marks registered in 3D fabric pigment.

They also relate to medical digital imaging which brings our insides into vivid visualisation as a matter ofroutine.

Langues of craft and of folk art joined with the OCD of the art of the mentally ill: these are aesthetic objects which do not seek to express more than the artists urge – but create a realm of meanings. They are quite poignant and poetic.

I am slightly scared of them – their vulnerability and fragility.