I like to crochet. I like the repetitive process of weaving a single strand to create shapes and not having to worry about anything but making something cute.

Although I chose “bear with me” for this product line I actually prefer making bunnies (“bunny with me” just doesn’t work). Bears are bears but bunnies have far more complex personalities: sinister, scared, weird but always adorable; they are also a homage to my daughter and her addiction to soft toys.

All these creatures are made of organic, undyed wool which is felted and embroidered and given antique button eyes. Felting is so important as I never know exactly how each little dude will turn out.

The “Shrunken Heads” are fun too, they started out as a gift idea for a friend and proved to be popular with everyone who met them.

I would like to thank Carys Anne Hughes, Beccy from CUTS and Ildiko Szabo for giving me the confidence to trust my skills and instincts.