Portfolio - 2006 - Bracket This

Nicholson took )Bracket This( Going Native as an opportunity to re-make and develop a public artwork (now destroyed) as a personal, and far more meaningful, piece. In 2005 she was invited to work with immigrant and asylum seeker children integrating into a school in Southport. The resultant project, called Navigating a New Home included a “live in” residency at the Atkinson Gallery and a children’s project. Images of the project are attached to give you an idea of what the final pieces might look like.

While Nicholson enjoys this sort of activity immensely she would truly welcome the opportunity to realise this piece of work purely for herself, on her own terms.

Important elements of the structure are the maps, made from memory, and devoid of words which would be drawn across the furniture/vessels and their sails. “Memory is a vital area of my work; my memory has been damaged by illness, yet my identity appears to remain intact. This seems to run contrary to current theories of mind which locate identity very much with memory. If I draw a map of Liverpool from my damaged memory how right or wrong will I get it? What will that tell the viewer of my experience of living in the city? What will it tell me about it?”