Portfolio - 2000 - Light Sensations

Sarah’s collection of seven tall, elegant forms in glass dominate the space with their light and suggest simultaneously standing stones and museum cases.

The use of light is a recurrent theme for Nicholson as it engages with the idea of illuminating the unseen (ob-scene) rediscovering and uncovering lost knowledge. As fairytales are such a vigorously ridiculed form of knowledge, she is constantly trying to show it literally in a new light in order to draw attention to the value of female epistemology. The work also explores the aesthetic properties of the written word, its ability to convey information in a beautiful code, where the actual words form only half the meaning, and the memories conjured completing the evocative image.

Each case’s glow grows to reveal the story within, yet the light fades before the dense handwriting can be deciphered, leaving the viewer frustrated, unsatisfied, pursuing the stories from case to case…