Portfolio - 2005 - The Spring Ball

Originally created in 1999 with young women from Kirkby Women's Health Suite the Dresses of the Spring Ball have been exhibited in several galleries throughout the country including the Brixton Art Gallery, the Stroud House Gallery and Manchester Metropolitan University galleries.

The Walled Garden originally accompanied the Georgian Manor House of Halton Hall and One can imagine the many sumptuous galas and balls that were held there.

The Dresses suggest presence but signal absence: of the wearer, of the heroine, of room to manoeuvre, of change, of identity…

Cinderella's servant-girl dress and her ballgown/wedding dress sit beside dresses tracing Marilyn Monroe's figure and the skin and bones fit of contemporary models while Alice’s dress is closely related to the servants dress. Lurking behind them all are hollow robes inspired by the Sybil, the ancient seer, who could predict the future, but spoke in riddles…